giovedì 20 giugno 2013

[Data] When to buy the TomTom app on iTunes

Few days ago, looking for my next holiday in Italy, I started to look around for a TomTom application for my iPhone to buy on the App Store.
I had to choose between the TomTom Italy (34,99 Euro) and the TomTom Western Europe (49,99 Euro): well, for 15 Euros more I decided for the latter, looking forward to go around the Europe later, but, because it was late night I delayed the purchase for the day after.

Surprise Surprise

The few days after I go on the iTunes store to check the app and... surprise, the price jumped to 69,99 Euros! 20 Euros more, wow!
So, discouraged about the thing I started to think that it was all my fault and that probably I should have bought before, when there was the previous promotion (?): but I haven't seen anywhere about a promotion on the TomTom app, how can I figure out there was one?!

So, even if I was still tempted to buy it, I've checked a bit online to find out if TomTom had published any promotion about it's iPhone app... nothing.

Data matters

So, when I was about to buy the app at the new price it comes back to my mind that a site that tracks all the price changes in the App Store, so looking for another promotion from TomTom I gave it a try.

Filtering all the apps (in the right market), I've found this small table, in the corner:

Looking at that table it's easy to see that there's something strange going on with the price: why so many changes in the period?

Collecting and playing a bit with the data I manage to have a representation of the trend of the changes of the app on the store:
Don't you see a strange accelleration of the changes during the last period? If they change so quick the price it might happen a price drop soon, so waiting a bit it might be worth...
Starting from the statement above let's filter out the data by week days and see if I have any chance to buy the app with a lower price:
Mmmmm... still too generic: I can only see that they're changing the price usually during Wednesday and Saturday more often than the other week days. But I cannot see if the change is positive or negative! Luckily Google Spreadsheet can handle multiple criteria so with a formula like:
The spreadsheet starts to count only the positive and negative change occurrencies in the data for each weekday.*
At the end something more interesting comes out of the data:
More, for the year 2013:


So, because it was Wednesday when the price was 69,99 Euros there's still a small chance to buy the app for 20 Euros less the day after: maybe it was worth to try for a 30% sale...

And there it is: the day after it comes the price drop again and I've got now my TomTom app at a very good price!

This the story on why study the data, sometimes, it's worth. At least 20 Euros.
Now just remember to buy the TomTom app only on Thursdays!

* The Column "C" had the Weekday number (0->6) and the Column "D" was a boolean column filled with the strings "Positive" and "Negative".

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  1. Very good analysis.
    This type of analysis should be broadcast to everyone in order to create awareness among the public and, hopefully, stop these subtle pricing techniques that are so annoying.